Winding Down Skittish

I’m sorry to announce that Skittish will close permanently on December 14, 2022.

In making Skittish, we tried to bring people together in a creative way at a time when meeting in person wasn’t possible. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough demand to keep it going, and it requires ongoing support that I can no longer offer on my own.

As sad as I am to announce it’s going away, I’m also very proud of what we made so quickly with limited resources — and it was so much fun while it lasted. If you’re interested, I’ve written a longer postmortem over on with my thoughts about the closure.

Huge thanks to Grant for the Web for the initial grant funding, all the events and organizations that used Skittish over the last two years, and everyone who worked on it — but especially Simon Hales for his herculean effort on every part of the platform. It couldn’t have existed without you. ❤️

— Andy.